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We think you can tell a lot about dentists in the Garden City area from their patient reviews. Dr. Jonathan Wachspress and the staff at Dental Arts of Garden City are proud that our commitment to excellence in general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry has earned so many positive reviews. See for yourself what actual patients say about their experience with Dr. Wachspress.

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Shmuel B.
Shmuel B. via Yelp Aug 12 2017 What an awesome dentist! I had a cleaning and x-rays done here. The wait was very short and the desk staff were really nice. The doctor explained my x-rays... Read more
Rikki K.
Rikki K. via Yelp Aug 20 2017 A great dentist. Short waits always!!! Sweetest staff and VERY reasonable prices, especially considering that I had to pay out of pocket. Very happy!!! Read more
Robert I.
Robert I. via Yelp May 25 2017 They never even contacted me! I left my info on their web site where it said contact us and nothing! There loss, rude and if they want business they sure... Read more